Robin Feld
Flying Stream Study - Beacon NYMillerton Line Study - Bishbosh FallsMillerton Line Study 2Millerton Line Study 3Wild Beast LurkingFair Harbor MorningPurple heartSienna WoodsGrey Series #2Pink BrambleLinear FreeformForest GreenPurple BrushEdge of FieldBlue Swoosh with LegsGrey Series #1Grey Series #3By a threadBlue SwirlSo CalmHammonasettCrazy LinesOmimi Branches 3Clearing CobwebsBalancing ActMichael's Yard 2Missouri BluesBlue SiennaMitosisCrazy BrambleMichael's Yard 1Omimi Branches 2Shine (Gold Version)Golden Woods
Watercolors are done on-site in the woods, at the beach, in the park and often become a starting point for full-sized paintings