Robin Feld
As an abstract painter I am interested in what happens in the world of a painting when serenity is invaded by a chaotic jumble of randomness.

There is a moment, or a series of moments that are pivotal in the creation of a painting... perhaps the same can be said, in the creation or living of a life. To differing degrees, we go along in our grids, in our bands of color, but inevitably, the unexpected happens and there is nothing to be done but cope as best we can.

In that spirit I am pouring, scraping and blotting paint, creating a kind of managed chaos. After the rush of adrenaline subsides, it is then my job to meditate on the results and work with them until the painting feels "right." I want the marks on the canvas to talk to each other, for the layers to interact, for the process of how the painting was built to be apparent.

Abstract expressionism, minimalism, Japanese and Chinese landscape painting and calligraphy are strong influences on my painting as are the grids and jumbles of Manhattan and Brooklyn and the line, shape, color and form that I “collect” while working with watercolor outdoors.